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       After much tweaking and making it easier to read and navigate, Politics, Religion and the New World Order (P&R) is ready to go. The articles have been updated with new material, and new articles will be added as they are researched and written. The NewsHooks section, which makes up the bulk of the site, will also be improved and upgraded. Adjustment are ongoing.

     P&R is a Christian website, both apologetic and geopolitical.     

     A lot is going on in our world today, with much propaganda and misinformation. It's crucial we not be on the wrong side.

     We hope we can help.

  Resisting The Left/Right Political Establishment

Resisting The Church/State

Zionist Establishment

Resisting The Religious

Showtime Establishment

"The Powerhouse"  

- St. Patrick's Cathedral

New York City

"Unfinished" Tower Of Babel

- European  Parliament Building  

Strasbourg,  France

"It's Dominion we're after, not equal time... world conquest."

- George Grant

The Changing Of The Guard, 1987

"The Gospel Church has long been a refuge for gays and

lesbians, some of whom grew up to be among the

greatest singers and musicians."

- The Gospel Sound, 1971

"Humanity is on the verge of something entirely new, a further evolutionary step unlike any other: the emergence of the first global civilization."

- Thomas Berry

Catholic Theologian



Introduction: Defending Christianity In The 21st Century

Overview of Politics, Religion and the

New World Order

Part 1   Part 2

The High Trinity And The Deity Of

Jesus Christ

Is Jesus God Almighty, the Second

Person of the Trinity?

Part 1   Part 2

The Illegal Trial Of Jesus Christ

The Mock Tribunal that put Jesus

on the Cross

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The Missing Links Are Still Missing

Evolution's Greatest Hoax

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The Mystery Of The Star

Of Bethlehem

The Celestial Wonders that Appeared over Judah and Persia 2,000 Years Ago

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Was 9-11 Rigged?

Ignoring the Evidence is No

Longer an Option

Part 1  Part 2   Part 3

Joshua's Long Day

Was Joshua's Long Day a Myth, Legend or Fact of History?

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Are We Located In The Center Of  

The Universe?

The Discovery that will Rock the Foundations of Modern Cosmology

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America's Secret History Of

Scientific Racism

The Inevitable Consequences of Darwinism

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Pool-Hall Christianity

Unbelievable Quotes from our Upside-Down,

Giddy Culture

Part 1   Part 2

Resisting The New Age, Darwinian Establishment

The 2021 Capitol Insurrection

The Religious Right's Roll in the Attempted Overthrow of the US Government

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Man's Quest For Divinity

The Religious Roots of Evolution

Part 1   Part 2

Resisting The Left/Right Religious Establishment

President Bush Announcing The New World Order

on 9-11 (1991)

"Do not be surprised at such things; for one official

is eyed by a higher one, and over them both are

others higher still." - Ecclesiastes 5:8